Why FurnServe

What sets us apart from our competitors?

In the world of technology solution providers, there are those that talk...and those that do. We are a company that holds firm to a "Can Do" mentality when it comes to meeting our customer's needs.

We're a company that has dedicated itself to our client's success...striving to become one with them in providing real solutions that make sense and bring true value.

We work hard...just like them...and thoroughly enjoy what we do on behalf of our client partners! 

Here are just some of the special aspects of our solution that differentiates us from the competition:

Customer Contact Management
Our internal email/reminder system eliminates paper memos and sticky notes. Send notes as a reminder to follow up with a customer or identify special circumstances of a sale. Includes a “notes” section for longer notes/memos.

Exception Reports
Automatically notify assigned users when things are not happening the way the should. Leave them free to do their jobs the rest of the time!

Fastest Access of any Competitive System
Hot keys, jump keys, toggle keys, call them what you like; we have them! Each user can customize their configuration to reach optimum keystroke efficiency.

Individual Employee Tracking
Ever wonder who did what, when? Take the mystery out of it all. We offer a change history trail that will prove itself indispensable for everything from sales entry, price changes, inventory changes, and more.

Individual Tracking of Every Piece of Merchandise
Our UCF allows for unparalleled inventory control. It contains all the pertinent information about the merchandise to enable tracking; vendor name, SKU #, model, fabric, finish, grade, last inventory date, description, cost, sell, PO#, delivery information and more!