Application Service Provider/Software As A Service


FurnServe has been an ASP/SAAS provider (Application Service Provider/Software as a Service) for the furniture industry since 1998.  And we make it EASY

 Easy to use, Easy to buy, Easy to configure, and Easy to support.

All modules in FurnServe's Adaptive System are totally integrated and on-line.  You enter the information only once.  There is no daily or monthly batch process- no inaccurate inventory information- no FIFO/LIFO calculations- no FISH (First In, Still Here) problems- no needing to leave sticky notes on someone's desk, hoping they'll see them!

Stand Alone Edition Features


The FurnServe Work Group solution is robust, highly scalable, and includes many special features such as Sales Entry POS, Easy entry of Stock and Special Orders, UCF's for unparalleled Inventory Control, Customer Service, Operations & Delivery, Accounts Receivable, In-Store/Outside Financing, Accounts Payable, Bar Coding, Customized Sales, Commissions, Customized Warehouse and Floor Tags, Mail List, Management Reports, On-Line Help, and much more.

Core Modules Include:

E-Commerce Solutions


Great ideas lose value when they are expensive and complicated to produce. Often times, clients come up with a great concept, but it never gets to market. It gets mired down by time and money concerns.

We develop custom solutions without extended development times, difficult implementation phases and high prices. Our clients pay for exactly what they need - no more, no less. Best of all, we solve problems.

Add On Modules


FurnServe offers additional optional modules for your business: Barcode, Business Continuity, Consignment, EDI, OS Commerce Connector, Project Management, Route View, Time Card/Store Open Tracking, Vacation, etc.