When Do You Need FurnServe's System

When Do You Need FurnServe's Adaptive System

There comes a time in the evolution of every small business when good old-fashioned hard work is no longer enough. And as the simple, day-to-day tasks become more complex, it soon becomes clear that the only sensible solution is to automate. The most sensible software for that critical time is FurnServe's Adaptive System.

Integrated On-Line
FurnServe's Adaptive System is an integrated on-line system. It provides immediate update of the key information you need to be on top of your business. Sales can automatically generate a special purchase order for the desired merchandise. The system provides control of your inventory and the reports needed to effectively manage your business operation such as Gross Profit, Vendor Profitability, or Inventory Turnover.

Our Vendor Chargeback System allows you to recover the $'s you spend on making your inventory acceptable to your customer. With our UCF (Unit Control File), all the information a manufacturer will want is easily retrieved with a single click of the mouse-no more hunting down paper and looking through file folders!

Fast and Flexible
FurnServe's Adaptive System is Windows based, offering greater speed and more flexibility than other systems on the market. All transactions occur in real time- precisely what your business needs to keep it running smoothly.

Powerful and Easy to Use
Backed by a support team that is second to none, our software can lower your costs and increase your profits. FurnServe's Adaptive System will give your business the control it needs to run smoother and smarter.

Sold as a Stand Alone or Internet Accessible System
If you are a small to mid-sized retailer, you might not have the resources or the time available for a traditional in-house installation. By utilizing FurnServe's Adaptive System over the Internet your users can gain fast access to a sophisticated, full featured, and tightly integrated application. You can sharply reduce your on-site labor costs and put an end to complex software installations and updates