Customer Support

1. If you cannot connect to our server, or the Adaptive Systems application, or the program has "locked-up", or just became unusable AND you are unable to work:

During business hours...

  • Call 1-888-495-7876
  • After business hours- 1-602-369-0219 or 1-602-697-7385

2. You can connect to our server and are able to log into the Adaptive Systems application but, are experiencing delays, unexpected results, or minor errors AND you can work around:


Training & Support

- Personalized, on-site training is available with both the Stand Alone and ASP versions.

- Training can also be done over the Internet or telephone to eliminate the expense of travel, etc..

- For both the Stand Alone and ASP options, we include 3 months of unlimited telephone support in our initial set-up fees. After that, you will be charged only for the help you need. Each billing includes a short description of the call and the answer given. We hope this information will help you avoid a second call for the same question!

- On-line help is available for users, offering clear and understandable instructions that are just a mouse click away.

- Users with Internet access can contact us via e-mail.