Receiving and Warehouse

Receiving & Warehouse

The Adaptive System tracks merchandise from the time it is ordered until it is delivered, charged and invoiced.

Our unique Unit Control File (UCF) captures all pertinent information, i.e., description, model, direct cost, freight cost, PO#, ACK#, receipt date, BOL, customer, MFG serial #, and more.

Plus, if merchandise is returned after it's sale, this same unique # is reassigned to the piece, and a change history created for the audit trail.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides easy, quick entry of received merchandise which instantly updates inventory availability
  • Provides multi-purpose locator tag for merchandise identification in the warehouse or on the floor
  • Prints tags when items are received or returned from a customer
  • Automatically identifies received merchandise needed for floor display based on desired sample levels
  • Prints pick tickets for merchandise to be delivered that is located in both the warehouse and display areas
  • Prints delivery lists for each truck with such key information as stop sequence and COD amounts to be collected.
  • Prints delivery copy, designed for customer signature, with exact detailed delivery instructions to the truck driver
  • Prints delivery schedule for days forward to allow anticipation of size of future loads
  • Prints list of all damaged merchandise, vendor repairs, and vendor returns, with dollars values involved, present location, and comments on progress to reestablish saleable condition or recovery
  • Identifies inventory by location to enable rapid and accurate inventory taking on a cycle basis , thus eliminating costly annual physical inventories
  • Reports received merchandise by Vendor or Date
  • Full interface with RouteView mapping system
  • Supports 972 warehouse locations
  • Aisle/Level/Bin location for easier picking
  • Automatic and user initiated transfer
  • Bar code batch scanners
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